Question about grades?

<p>I'm currently a sophomore at an IB school. My 9th grade 1st semester average was 5/7. My 9th grade 2nd semester average was 7/7. My 1st semester average this year was 6/7. I'm most likely going to get a 7/7 average this semester. If I get 7 averages for junior year and 1st semester of senior year, will this at least give me a decent shot at Columbia? :&lt;/p>

<p>bump. anybody? :&lt;/p>

<p>i don't really feel there's enough info here. i also went to an IB school and am currently a student at columbia, so i have a sense of what level of grades you are talking about. i want to say that you definitely have a shot grades-wise if you can keep your grades as high as you predict, but really there are so many other factors involved. what courses are you taking? how many higher levels and what kind are you doing? are you a minority? do you have good extra-curriculars? how are your SATs (or if you don't know yet, how were your PSATs)? All of those are important factors.</p>

<p>of course there are other factors that determine whether or not i get into Columbia, but i just wanted to know if my grades would be acceptable or not based on the average IB grades of students who were accepted into Columbia.</p>