Question about GRE test: handwriting vs. typing the Essay

<p>So I posted this same question about a month ago in the GRE section but no one responded!</p>

<p>Does anyone know that if you opt to take the Paper format of the test (as opposed to the Computer format), you'll still have the option to type the essay on a computer @ the testing center? Or, is typing the essay only possible if you choose the computer format of the entire GRE exam (meaning you'd take the entire test on a computer)?</p>

<p>why would you want to do the paper version. aren't you worried that your hands will ache?</p>

<p>@HigherHopes: It's easier than the computer version. The computer version has a much less number of questions, but the difficulty of its difficulty progresses as you answer a question correctly. </p>

<p>Anyone know the answer to my original question?</p>

<p>How do you know this? I read somewhere that all GRE stuff was electronic. I think I would still choose electronic even if it is as you say "more difficult". Less questions = less chances to make a mistake, and more time to focus on each question</p>