Question about having a car freshman year?

I was accepted EA and love the University of Miami. I am curious however if they will allow me to have a car freshman year as I will be working as an EMT in Miami or surrounding areas during the semester. Coming from New England it is a commitment to drive down, however the late night shifts I would be working worry me about relying on public transport. I am aware of how sketchy some areas of Miami are, and coming home at 1am or 2am I personally would not feel safe. Although I am a tall, well build male I know better. Having a car would be for personal safety and transport, as well as having a car fully equipped as a POV for my job. For example, it is fully equipped with emergency and on scene gear, radios, and emergency lighting. In special cases such as this, will the University allow me to purchase a pass for freshman year? The vehicle will constantly be used in service, also being used to check on my handicapped grandma about three hours away, at least one weekend a month.
Thank you for your time!</p>

<p>Technically, freshmen cannot purchase parking passes, but if you know an upperclassman, you can ask them to buy one for you. It had better be someone you’re friends with though, because correspondence re: the parking pass (ie if you get a ticket) will be sent to them.</p>

<p>You should probably just call and ask anyway. I live in Miami and agree that, while public transportation such as the Metrorail is generally perfectly safe, it feels a little scary late at night because hardly anyone is riding it. I would probably concentrate on the job/equipment aspects of needing a car, rather than the handicapped grandmother issue. Maybe they’ll make an exception because of needing it for work.</p>

<p>Also, I’ve heard a rumor that Freshmen who come in with a bunch of AP credits can, in fact, buy a parking pass registered to them due to being a higher class status. Now, I haven’t followed up on this, but it’s something you should look into. I know you can also purchase Metrorail monthly parking passes for the parking lot right across the street from campus. It’s a little expensive, but it gets the job done.</p>

<p>You might want to reach out to Richard Sobaram. He’s the director of UM Parking and Transportation. He helped me out last year when I had some questions.
<a href=“”></a> or (305) 284-3081
Also check here: [Parking</a> and Transportation | University of Miami](<a href=“]Parking”>Parking and Transportation | Facilities Operations and Planning | University of Miami) - there may be some helpful information. I would think that they would make an exception for you.</p>

<p>Thank you everyone! I am going to look into each of these suggestions!</p>