question about health insurance!

<p>If we opt out of the university health insurance and keep the plan we're on, do we still have access to the on campus student health center? Basically, will the SHC accept other health insurances?</p>

<p>I am sure they accept some outside insurers, otherwise they would insist on people taking the Tulane coverage. But just like outside the university environment I would check with Tulane about whether they accept the specific plan you are on, and with your insurance company to see how they will regard a visit by your child to either the SHC or a local hospital.</p>

<p>I like your screen name btw.</p>

<p>thank you! I'll do that. And just so you know I don't have a child, I'm an incoming freshman in the Physics program :D</p>

<p>From what I understand (which isnt much some days) the student health center is free to all students. The pharmacy and any lab fees are not. For my DD, she may visit the health center but not use the campus pharmacy or lab. She has to take lab orders or prescriptions elsewhere for it to be covered by our insurance. The website says it does not bill insurance for you. I suggest you call your plan and find out what to do in case of illness that would require a specialist, lab tests or medication. We all know that any wrong move is going to cost you big time! Health insurance is so complicated.</p>

<p>will keep in mind... havent had to see a doctor since fifth grade so I'm hoping I won't ever have to worry about it!</p>

<p>Thanks, spring. So far haven't had to use any of it, hoping it stays that way.</p>

<p>RFeynman - oops, sorry about the assumption, it is just that this is the kind of thing usually only a parent worries about, lol. Good luck at Tulane! You must be very excited to get started.</p>

<p>No problem. Took care of my waiver today so I had to call the insurance company. I am hoping DD doesnt have to worry about all of this either. Keeping my fingers crossed for a healthy year.</p>

<p>My son needed to be tested for strep throat last year and I think we were only charged $20, which I thought was quite reasonable.</p>

<p>There is a $272 mandatory health service fee on your bill (take a look- ours just came) for the first semester, that covers access to the health center. Per The acct receivable website:
Student Health Center-The Student Health fee provides students with primary care, psychiatric, and contraceptive care at the Student Health Center. It also contributes to health education programs, drug/alcohol counseling and the Tulane Emergency Medical Service. This fee is not an insurance premium.


So, the health center services arent really "free" as they cost $544 this year, but the student can have ongoing access to the health center services.</p>

<p>Did you receive a bill from Tulane or are we expected to look online and pay online? I guess I'm old-fashioned and would love to have a paper invoice to mail in with a paper check.</p>

<p>You will get a bill in the mail and will also be able to look at the accounts receivable page on line. One tip-- If you mail in a check, use the street address (Ste103, Phelps House; 35 McAlister Dr) not the PO Box (which is what comes with the paper bill and a windowed return envelope). DS's freshman year they kept telling me they hadn't received a payment... then finally said "oops.. we dont check the PO box very often". </p>

<p>*** I just looked at the address on the bill that came in the mail-- the PO Box on it is in DALLAS,TX!! That is bizarre! They aren't using a billing agency or something there, are they??? Does anyone else'e paper bill say PO Box 660118 Dallas TX 75266-0118?? Very odd...</p>

<p>I have my own insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield), and I've visited the health center a few times in the past few years. Last year specifically, I had to go for a few tests when I got pretty sick. The health center charged me for all of the tests, but I was able to send the invoices and all of the information to BC/BS in order to be reimbursed for it. It took a bit of time, but the insurance did cover it eventually.</p>