Question about Honors Courses

<p>I'm going to start my first semester this September, and one of the classes I picked has an honors section available. Is it a bad idea to take an honors course the first semester of college, or is the only difference between regular and honors sections the class size (from what I have heard, honors classes seem to be smaller)? </p>

<p>Also, is there anyone in the honors program who could tell me a little more about how the program works, and whether or not it is worth it? Is there a significant difference between the experience a student in the honors program might have compared to that of a student who is part of Rutgers in general? </p>

<p>And, could someone explain how add/drop period works?</p>

<p>I haven't taken an honors section of a course, but i've taken a few honors seminars before. the honors seminars are smaller, more in-depth, and because the class size is much smaller, there is more discussion so it is harder to kind of bs your way through the class discussion. And with the honors seminars, there are typically 10 - 15 paged final term papers, more writing and reading assignments, and as I said before, because there are fewer people, it becomes all the more important to actually do the readings. for the most part, these differences between regular and honors courses remain the same, but not really that much harder. (it would also be helpful if you shared which course this is so i know how to respond appropriately) there might be some extra assignments, or slightly more difficult reading, etc. for example, an honors section of brill's psych class just comes with an extra paper at the end, if I'm not mistaken, which is not too different from the regular course as both sections have the same text, and exams. the honors recitation for the lit across borders course also seems to be a bit more rigorous than the non-regular, but again, nothing toooo different to be intimidating (comes with a longer paper at the end, again, if i'm not mistaken. i actually haven't taken these courses but i know people who have). I wish I had taken the honors section of gen psych or intro to micro. it's a good way to knock out some gen ed and honors requirements at the same time. </p>

<p>the honors program requirements consist of 4 classes of honors courses/seminars which add up to 12 credits altogether, completion of foreign language through the intermediate level, a capstone project typically completed within your senior year, and two honors colloquia (1 credit, weekly seminars) that are supposed to be completed by the end of your sophomore year (but no worries, i am taking my second one next semester, during my third year). hp students also have to keep up a gpa over a 3.25 their first two semesters, and a 3.5 each semester thereafter. and if you want to hear it from the hp itself: The</a> School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program - Requirements</p>

<p>some differences would be housing (it's easier to get honors housing than regular, what with the shortages and the kind of chaotic housing lottery.), class size (which is helpful in a setting of like 40,000 undergraduates. I took a seminar this past semester with five students, including myself. it was the hands-down best educational experience i had at rutgers. having a course with that many students is just otherwise rare and unlikely at rutgers), closer advising from deans (as opposed to some non-honors students, i actually know who my dean is, and she has a vague understanding of who I am), and just being a part of a smaller community at such a large university. </p>

<p>during add/drop period, you have about a week to drop any classes, and like an extra day to add one. so if you go to your first class during this first week and you really don't enjoy it, you can switch into another class, provided it's open. and registration is all online at <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;.&lt;/p>

<p>sorry if this is somewhat incoherent, it's getting a bit late. i hope this was somewhat helpful. best of luck at your first year at rutgers.</p>

<p>ha that webreg link doesn't work. it's <a href=""&gt;;/a> sorry!</p>


<p>What have you heard about the honors Microeconomics class? How is it different from the regular class? I know it's an extra credit and it's taught by Professor Rubin (who also teaches a regular section). My son is registering next week and is thinking of taking it.</p>

<p>He's also looking at an honors science elective-Brain, Mind and Behavior, although I think there might be a waiting list.</p>

<p>i haven't heard much about it, unfortunately. i said i would have liked to take it only because i did not find microeconomics very difficult, and i am having a bit of trouble trying to fit all these extra honors seminars into my schedule. i would tell your son to go for it. he could always switch into a regular section if he gets the syllabus and finds it too difficult.</p>