Question about how signature programs affect your chances of getting admitted in.

<p>I'm a sophomore, about to be a junior in high school, and we have these things called signature programs. I don't know if it's also in other high schools, but it is if you take a certain number of classes specific to a field like music, art, or computer science, then you get a signature program certificate in that field.</p>

<p>So I'm going to choose Computer Science as my major when applying for a university, and I know that if I get the signature program certificate in Computer Science, it will look better on my application. The question is, do you guys think that colleges really care about that? Is it really worth it? I'm taking some music classes that I really like and to get the signature I need to drop those classes but I don't really want to. Would it increase my chances of getting in by a lot if I get that signature, or would it be not as big a deal if I took a smaller amount of computer classes and some music classes?</p>