Question about if there are any specific courses that need to be taken to transfer to the Humanities

Hello. I was wondering if there are any specific courses you need to have done in order to transfer to any of the majors that are part of the School of Humanities? I understand that on their website that they have a list of requirements including things such as having a GPA of at least 2.7 but what I am asking for is specific courses. For example, you need to have four levels of calculus in order to transfer into engineering. Something like this but for the English or History majors (and the other Humanities majors).

If you are a current UCI student, see .

If you are at a California community college, see to see what courses are required or recommended to prepare for your desired major (in addition to general transfer requirements and general education or IGETC courses).

Also, I guess I am confused about what is said on this page ( Under the School of Humanities, it says “Complete all major-specific admission requirements by the end of the spring term prior to the fall quarter of enrollment.” What does this mean?

Plus you know how lists things under major requirements and major recommendations. For English and History majors, the documents do not list that (at least for my CCC) it just lists the courses from my CCC that are applicable for the major(s). Any thoughts?

So what is your major?

For the sake of this discussion, let us say English or History.

For at least some community colleges, has reports like this by major:

Which community college are you at?

El Camino College.

If that is the case, how should I read these documents as? How do you know which courses are required and which ones are recommended?


For English and History, check out the links provided by @ucbalumnus but instead of Irvine Valley College select El Camino College with transfer to UCI.

The links show which courses you need to take so assume that they are required unless specifically noted.

This does not include the required GE’s which some of your major prep courses could cover:

There are CC transfer advisors which can help you with your courses so make an appointment.

Here are the pages for El Camino College to UCI for English and history majors:

The above listings are only for major preparation, not other transfer requirements or general education / IGETC courses that you may want to complete before transfer.

Thank you for the help and I appreciate it but I already knew about (as already stated in the second comment on this page). What I do not understand about such documents is how should I interupt them. Since it does not explicitly state which courses are required or recommended on these documents for these specific majors compared to the documents for other majors like Mathematics that explicitly state which courses are recommended and required, I am confused but according to Gumbymom I should just assume that everything is required unless noted otherwise. The problem with Gumbymom’s advice is that most of the stuff on these documents for these majors are already listed as recommended on UCI’s transfer page.

UC Transfer pathway link for English:

UC Transfer pathway for History:

These links should help you determine the appropriate courses to take for any UC.

A transfer advisor at El Camino college would be familiar with the transfer requirements so contact them for help.

Thank you. Yes this is what I was looking for.