Question about indicating seminar choices

<p>Okay, so on our course selection sheet, do we just write the area of study, like ANTH, PHIL, etc, or do we write down the specific classes we want to take that are listed on the FYS university seminar web page, like ANTH 13181 01 – Anthropological Approaches to Identity Memory and Culture, PHIL 13185 01- Introduction to Philosophy, PSY 13181 02 – The Art of Using Language. Thanks. (Im not saying these are my final picks, just using as an example)</p>

<p>write the specific seminar class, i believe...</p>

<p>If I were you, I would just do the thing online. You can just go through a list and pick the specific ones you want.</p>

<p>avoid philosophy!</p>

<p>why? not good news for me either way.</p>