Question about "Initiation to Greek Culture" Seminar

<p>I was invited to apply for this seminar - if I apply and get accepted, would I automatically have to take the class? Or would I still have the choice to opt out? Thanks!</p>

<p>You can always drop your FWS before the deadline. It will just be really hard to get a replacement in a class you like because a majority of the classes will be filled.</p>

<p>Oh wait, sorry for the misunderstanding, this isn't a FWS, it's an actual course (CLASS 2603) taught in seminar format. What I meant was, if I apply and get accepted, does that = I'm IN the class? Or do I still have a choice? (I'm still not entirely sure how scheduling works for Cornell, so I'm a little unsure)</p>

<p>Unless it's not on StudentCenter, you'll be able to drop any class you want before the deadline. I would e-mail the professor to make sure. Also, I wouldn't worry about this until you get accepted. And then not even until you sit in the class for the first time.</p>