Question about Major from waitlist

I applied for Computer science in the college of engineering, and my backup major was computer engineering, so both impacted majors. I was waitlisted. If i get in off the waitlist or an appeal would i get into CS or would i be undeclared…?

Excellent question for admissions. Give them a call.

I would imagine you would probably be admitted as undeclared since several students who applied for CSE were already admitted as undeclared suggesting that the CSE major is full.

According to my daughter who is at UCSD CSE major, in the past that has not been a problem, several of her friend was able to switch in to CSE from undeclared but who knows what’s going to happen this year with the budget fight between the governor and the UC people. I think that’s maybe one reason why the school doesn’t give previous year admission statistics, UCSD doesn’t want to mislead you in any way.