Question about Majors

<p>Which majors are the hardest to get accepted into at UM? Which ones are less competitive?</p>

<p>The hardest majors to get accepted into at UM are the seven year premed program(IMPOSSIBLE, only like 12 accepted each year), Frost school of music and Communication.</p>

<p>Less competitive are Business and liberal arts(Arts and Sciences)</p>

<p>How would engineering compare to say liberal arts?</p>

<p>Is there a really discernible difference between the applicants stats who get in to the College of Engineering vs. the applicants who get into the College of Arts and Sciences?</p>

<p>I do not think that Miami is very well known for Engineering so I do not think that it is a hard major to get into. </p>

<p>The majority of Miami students are biology, business, communication, A&S and frost.</p>

<p>miami's engineering school works extremely hard...we have what's called the dean's promise...basically the general idea is if you dont find a job within a certain window of time after graduation, the school will pay for you to continue your education, though i dont believe anyone has ever had to take him up on that deal.
last semester i know that a group of students participated in the Disney Imagineering competition</p>