Question about Math Grades

<p>I Got a C in Calculus I
and got B+'s in other math courses
but that it because my school is an extremely competitive math/science school</p>

<p>Would a 800 on math II and AIME qualification (~~100-120 amc 12 score) make up for this?</p>

<p>I'm not sure about AIME, but math II only goes up to trig. A high math II score would probably make up a bit for a low trig/pre calc grade (I got a B- in honors but 750 on the test lol) but the test really does not cover any calculus.</p>

<p>Ah also forgot to add
5 on AP Calc BC
Sorry and thank you for reply :D</p>

<p>Have your GC mention it in the rec (if you are a junior). If you're a senior, you can only hope that your GC mentioned it. Cs are never good, but a 5 will help a bit.</p>

<p>800 on SAT II Math II and 5 in BC are pretty common in competitive pools. The AIME invitation looks good though.</p>

<p>"Would a 800 on math II and AIME qualification (~~100-120 amc 12 score) make up for this?"</p>

<p>No, a high test score (or a 5 on the AP) doesn't 'make up' for grades. Your GPA and class rank are factors in admissions, as are test scores. High test scores suggest that you didn't perform in class to your potential and beg the question, 'why?' If it's a medical or family issue, you might want to address that in your application. If you just got distracted and didn't give it your best effort, your best strategy is to show them that it's an exception, not otherwise indicative of your performance.</p>

<p>Your school has ridiculous grade deflation.</p>