Question About Merit Award

If there’s no info about merit award in your decision letter, does that mean you didn’t get anything or is Temple updating that for some people by March 1st? I was thinking maybe people with competitive stats receive info on merit in their decision letters and people with typical stats later on. I don’t know why but I feel like I should have at least some merit aids. My stats are not great but ok I guess, 3.73W gpa and 1190 sat. If anyone know something please inform me about it so some of my brain cells might have a better fate.

Merit is awarded in the admission letter. You’re not going to get a merit award later. 1190 is not competitive for merit at Temple. Sorry, being honest.

its fine, i just wanted to know if i was going to receive some.

Wondering if anyone has insight on merit aid chances for an applicant with a great GPA but average test scores. My son (a junior) has a weighted GPA of 4.3 (almost all honors and AP classes) , but his SAT is an even 1200. He is taking the SAT again, but let’s say he dosen’t improve dramatically.

To me, this spells really bright, hard-working kid who just doesn’t test well, precisely the kind of student any university would want. But I’m biased!

What are the chances Temple comes through with merit aid?

Test scores are far more important for merit than GPA due to grade inflation.

Yes ^^^^^

I personally received a full tuition award at Temple with an additional stipend with a 107.5 GPA and 36 ACT (1520 SAT). I am under the impression my test scores were more important than my GPA.

Pay for an intensive test prep class over the summer and have him take the ACT instead of the SAT. All colleges accept both.