Question about messing up on IDOC

<p>I submitted my IDOC last week, but this week, I realized that I forgot to send my parents' corporate or partnership returns because I was reviewing their 2012 financial information and realized that they had an investment in a company. Thus, I have to submit the returns for the corporate or partnership returns. On Collegeboard IDOC's website, it specifically says that we cannot send separate mailings or duplicate packets. Therefore, what should I do now? Is it possible to send it directly to Rochester's financial aid office? Thanks for the response guys.</p>

<p>And if I send it directly to the financial aid office, can I tell Collegeboard’s IDOC to destroy the packet I sent them without revealing any of my parents’ financial information?</p>

<p>No here can answer your questions.</p>

<p>Call the UR FA office and ask to speak to the counselor assigned to you.</p>

<p>The list of FA counselors is here:</p>

<p>[University</a> of Rochester : Financial Aid](<a href=“]University”></p>

<p>FA phone numbers are here:</p>

<p>[University</a> of Rochester : College Admissions](<a href=“]University”></p>

<p>I omitted some forms with my IDOC submission, so I called IDOC. They advised me to send another submission with just the cover sheet and the missing documents. I then notified the schools that another submission was forthcoming. One school asked me to submit the documents directly to them, so the advice to check with UR directly is good advice.</p>