Question about missed SAT

I received a satisfactory SAT score this past December (1540) but I had also registered for the March one (that took place this past Saturday, the 13th) along with the December one so that I would have another chance should I bomb the December one (which I didn’t).

Come March, I e-mailed SAT assistance to cancel my March SAT (and a refund if possible) but they were unresponsive. Since they didn’t read or respond to my e-mail, I assumed that they didn’t cancel my SAT and expected me to show up at the testing center, so I simply did not show up that day. On my SAT portal this shows up:

SAT — March 13, 2021
Status: Complete
You’ve ordered the Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) for answer verification. After you get your scores, you can access your QAS report online.

What will happen? Will the tab simply disappear later? Will I get a score of 400? Will I get into any trouble?

Good news is that if all goes wrong, I still have my ACT score (35) to resort to.

i had missed an sat last year and it shows up as complete even to this day. nothing happens and you won’t get into any trouble.

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No and no

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Failure to show up for a test results in automatic cancellation. Nothing is reported to any colleges to which you are applying concerning the test. They are not even told you signed up for it.

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Thanks for the info! The $50 gone to waste does bug me though…

There was no way you were getting that money back.

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Yup… the last thing the greedy CB would do would be to settle for a refund