question about move in date / first weeks at uci

<p>just a quick question, move in date is sept 18 right? and classes start the 23rd?</p>

<p>im wondering if anybody knows what happens those days in between the move in date and when classes start. like will the dorms and halls have activities planned and stuff sort of like what happened in orientation, for everyone to get to know each other? and what else do we do in those couple of days before class starts?</p>

<p>yea that first week is full of hall activities. its your time to shine if you wanna make a lot of close friends. dont screw up like i did. i roomed with high school friends and decided to just hang out with them the first week. we thought that we were "too cool" for the hall stuff but boy was i wrong. being as social as i am, i managed to make many many close friends in the hall and became quite popular too. use that time to find out who else is in your major, taking the same classes, etc. its so much easier to go to class when you have someone to go with that you know.</p>

<p>one last thing, and think about it now. do you want to become a part of a fraternity? fraternity "rush" week is the first week of school, and if you decide to join, you devote usually an entire quarter to the "pledging" process. however, if you take this route, you may or may not become close to your hall, but in the end, it all depends on the type of person you are. i pledged a fraternity winter quarter and quit after 2 weeks because it just didnt work with my schedule, but ill admit, those 2 weeks, i had more fun than i ever had in my life, and that means a lot given UCI is pretty much dead in terms of parties etc. I plan to pledge again this coming fall. Think hard, fraternities arent all about partying, its about brotherhood and most importantly, connections.</p>

<p>what if you're not living in a dorm but an apartment instead?</p>

<p>Then you move in whenever you'd like (as permitted by your lease).</p>

<p>are the activities limited to dorm halls? or are there school activities for freshman that i would be able to participate in?</p>

<p>thank you so much for the response! and yeah, i plan on going greek, or at least giving it a try. trying out wouldn't hurt and if i feel like it doesn't fit me, i'll probably just drop it. i plan on joining and trying out a bunch of clubs and activities, just to get involved and such.</p>

<p>so about the hall activities, are they sort of similar to the activities we went through during freshman orientation with our halls? just wondering haha</p>

<p>I can't remember too much, but the events with your hall are a bit more interactive. Kind of designed to get to know each other better.</p>

<p>But yeah still pretty similar to SPOP activities, in a way.</p>