Question about my AP Bio Results..

<p>I got a 4 on Bio.. how does that look for colleges? (Should I send it, and would I receive credit at most schools, such as UNC, UVA, Duke, and Cornell?) Thanks!</p>

<p>I got a 4 as well. While a 4 is not a bad score by any means, most schools that I know of will only accept 5s. I’m going to the University of Texas next year, which is nowhere near as competitive as Duke or Cornell, and I will not be receiving credit.</p>

<p>Oh well. At least we’ll both be prepared when we retake the class in college…</p>

<p>Brown accepts a 4 on Bio :slight_smile:
idk abt other schools lol.</p>

<p>According to their websites: Duke accepts 4s or 5s, Cornell says you receive 4 credits with a 4 on AP Bio and you can also waive a class, UNC gives you 4 credit hours (equivalent of two courses), and UVA accepts a 4 or a 5 on AP Bio for the same credit.</p>

<p>4s and 5s are typically accepted at most schools in general, from what I’ve seen. So you should definitely send your score. But you can get this information easily by searching “(college name) ap credit”. :)</p>