Question about my math grade for both semesters

Hey, so right now I’ve been accepted to SFSU and will be going there starting this Fall, however I have a quick question about my grade for Pre Calc. For the first semester, I finished with a C, and right now for the second semester I have a C-. I already finished my required three years of math and this is my 4th year. If I were to get a D+ for the second semester, would I have to be concerned about my admission status being revoked? Or would the grades still “balance” out to a C?

at a UC any grade below a C in either semester causes your admission to be reviewed and you can be rescinded. SFSU doesn’t have specific rules on their website although they do say this which seems to imply that not only do you need to meet the eligibility requirements, you need to complete your senior year “satisfactorily” whatever they define it to mean.

I suggest you contact them to ask; if worst comes to worst its better to start making alternate plans now instead of waiting until they get your final transcripts this summer. There is no harm in asking; it isn’t like your transcript will fly under the radar if you don’t contact them.

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