Question about my native language

<p>So i am a U.S citizen and i was born here but does that make my native language English? My parents were born in a different country and my first language is not english. Does that make any sense if i put that? Or do i have to put English as my native language the fact that i was born here?</p>

<p>You don't list a native language, you list a first language; it is also possible to have two first languages. So, you list what ever your first language was as your first language, and then English in addition (presuming you still speak your first language, if not, don't list you first language).</p>

<p>I mean this applies to other applications not the common app. I know common app ask what my first language is.. but is it the same if other applications asked what my native language is?</p>


<p>okay wait. so since i was born here and a U.S citizen, my english and my other language are my native languages? if that's the case, do i say English is my native language? On the application, it asked is English my native language? Is it mandatory to answer or optional?</p>

<p>Where you were born and your citizenship aren't really germane to the question. What language do you speak at home? What language do you think in? With what language are you most comfortable? For instance, my DH was born in a Scandinavian country to Scandinavian parents but was raised in a Spanish-speaking country and considers Spanish his native language despite having lived and worked in an English speaking country for the past 30 years.</p>