Question about my performance on the Math Level 1 Test?

<p>I recently took my first, and hopefully, only Math Level 1 Subject Test. My question is, why did I do so poorly on this test, when I can score in the mid-600's on the regular SAT? </p>

<p>I was like, ''When is this test going to be over already?'' on about the 20th question of the Subject Test, just as I thought I was getting better at math (why I tried this Subject Test)?</p>

<p>Why might this be? Can someone explain some differences between the regular SAT math, and the Subject Test Math? Thanks.</p>

<p>Is it that the math level 1 covers math you did years ago? I am not sure but I think you can find out what is covered on level 1 and 2 on the College Board website. I know my son will be taking Calc BC his senior year and some of the math on the tests is math he studied years ago. You may want to review algebra and geometry.</p>

<p>No, that isn't the issue. Maybe I'm just a regular SAT girl when it comes to math? It seems like the math on the SAT is logic, and that the Subject Test is based on what one does in school. I'm not the best in math class, either.</p>

<p>I think you're right about the subject tests. You can take a subject test a second time, though. There are example questions on College Board website and there are practice books for subject tests out there. Or, pick a different subject test you think you will do better on.</p>