Question about my schedule next semester (CS)

<p>Hey everybody.
I just switched to CS this semester. I have had no prior programming experience, and previous to this I was a BME/premed major. I talked with an advisor, and since I have so many credits, I can actually graduate with a degree in CS on time, with only taking the minimum of 12 credits a semester. However, my next three semesters will be filled with mostly CS classes. My question I guess is, do you think my following schedule for next semester is too difficult? The alternative is to take summer classes or stay an extra semester.</p>

<p>Computer engineering-Machine organization and programming An introduction to computer organization using assembly and machine language. Number representation, computer artithmetic, instruction sets, I/O interrupts, and programming interrupts. Projects involve detailed study and use of a specific computer hardware and software system.</p>

<p>Introduction to Data Structures Study of data structures (including stacks, queues, trees, graphs, and hash tables) and their applications. Development, implementation, and analysis of efficient data structures and algorithms (including sorting and searching). Experience in use of an object-oriented programming language.</p>

<p>Introduction to Human Computer Interaction User-centered software design; (1) principles of and methods for understanding user needs, designing and prototyping interface solutions, and evaluating their usability, (2) their applications in designing web-based, mobile,and embodied interfaces through month long group projects. </p>

<p>Discrete Mathematics</p>

<p>Any advice would be appreciated</p>

<p>You say you have ''no'' prior programming experience? Those classes sound rather advanced: I'm surprised you are able to take them without first taking some basic programming course. I'd say you should definitely find out what language they will be using and work through some of those "crash course" books for that language over the holidays. The schedule itself doesn't look overwhelming, but if you don't have the necessary background knowledge those first two classes are likely to give you a lot of grief.</p>

<p>Sorry, I should have made it clear, I am taking the pre requisites for those classes right now, introduction to java and intro to computer engineering.</p>

<p>In that case, it shouldn't be a problem, assuming you're doing fine in the intro courses.</p>

<p>I'd still highly recommend tinkering with java a bit during the holidays, just for fluency's sake.</p>

<p>Ok. In your opinion would you say I should just graduate on time then? I'm just a little worried I won't find an internship for the summer since I will have much less experience than other candidates in my age group.</p>

<p>Can't really advice on that, as I'm only just starting on my own CS degree, although I have a decent amount of programming experience.</p>