Question about need-aware policy / financial aid

Hi! This is my first time using CC so please forgive me if this has been asked already.
So, I attended a Tufts info session and I learned that the university is need aware. I just ran the net price calculator and I’m expected to require 52k for a need-based scholarship (20k parent contribution). I was just wondering how this would impact my chances. Is my financial need one of the first things considered by Tufts admissions, or do they evaluate my fit for the university primarily and then look at my need? Thanks! Just trying to figure out whether it’s worth it to apply.

If you are a “superstar” in the eyes of Tufts (or any need aware college), they will meet your need. The problem is if you are in that grey area of a qualified candidate but you are competing with other equally qualified that need less aid. There is another thread today about Elite College Admissions that discusses this. There is also an excellent article in the NYT about this topic that focuses on the practices at Trinity.

Tufts says it is need-blind until the last stages of the admissions cycle, when they have the last few spots to fill, but only XX amount of financial aid left in the budget. Many colleges are like that. In answer to your question, no they do not check your need first and then eliminate applicants based on high need without even looking at their application. If you’re interested in Tufts, of course it’s worth it to apply. In fact, if you have high need it’s more important to find schools that meet 100% of need than schools that are need-blind. There’s no point in getting admitted, but not getting enough aid.

It will not hurt you if you need aid. I applied for aid and got accepted off the waitlist with an extremely generous Tufts grant. I am attending this fall. Not only was Tufts one of my top choices, it turned out to be one of my most affordable.

Tufts meets 100% of the demonstrated financial need of every admitted student,

Tufts is expensive and many students receive some type of aid.

That is not true for ALL or EVERY student! Tufts is Need aware. They come right out and say so. Yes, if you have financial need, it CAN negatively impact Tuft’s admissions decision for you

you left this part out of my quote

Tufts meets 100% of the demonstrated financial need of every admitted student.

I never said need blind. I said they will meet the need of admitted students.