Question about nomination

<p>I’ve been working on my application packets for my Senators and House member. Is the sample letter that is shown on the websites supposed to be included in the packet of completed items you send in? Or once you request the information by phone, you don’t need to do it? Thanks.</p>

<p>Not necessarily. Some MOCs want essays; others want letters with the applications (then you can use the sample letter). Send in what they ask for.</p>

<p>The sample letter is to request a packet. Seeing that you already have one, that letter in particular is not required. All you need to do is follow the directions in the packet.</p>

<p>How exactly does the Vice Presidential nomination request work? There's really not all that much information on the page...</p>

<p>DMAC09: Just go to <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>That has the info for the vice-pres... You basically send in the real basic info that they ask for and a personal letter, then in a couple weeks they'll send a confirmation letter that says you are now currently competing for a vice-presidential nomination.</p>

<p>Ok, thanks. Getting my stuff put together right now. It's a pain, but I know it will be well worth it if I make it.</p>

<p>I just remembered something I forgot on my Resume. I founded a "No Place for Hate" group at my High School this year. The review boards should like that.</p>

<p>The Vice President Nomination is used primarily to select candidates who could not receive a nomination from either a) Senators b) Congressman. So definately go for it.</p>

<p>does anyone know when the congressman give out there nominations becasue im going to England this summer and im applying for class of 2013 and im taking my ACTS on June 14.....omg wanna get a perfect score....and i already got a nomination from my AFJROTC program because i am the current C/ Col and wing commander...</p>

<p>Anywhere from November to January, I think.</p>

<p>thanks you</p>

<p>thank you....but i can start now right...</p>

<p>I would advise getting the applications done as soon as possible, if at all possible.</p>

<p>If you are aiming for 2013, you should be okay if you're gone only during the summer. Most MOC's have their deadline in mid fall (check your MOC web page to confirm - they are all different). Most deadlines are between Oct 1st and Nov 30th. I am not aware of any MOC giving noms prior to mid/late fall of your senior year. The deadline for MOC's to get noms to the SA's is January 31st.</p>

<p>Don't even worry about it. Do the stuff you can (essays, teacher recs and such) before you leave, and you'll have plenty of time for you MOC when you get back. :D</p>

<p>If you're asking if you can do the application for your MOC before you leave, I'd just call his/her office and ask. Each one's slightly different with what they expect, deadlines, etc.</p>

<p>Not to say you should slack off, but if you stay on top of the stuff now, and worry about that when you get home, i'm sure you'll be quite fine.</p>



<p>^^ How do you already have a nomination? I'm just wondering cause the nominations (I believe it is more than one) is given out by AFOATS and is shared among Senior ROTC and Junior ROTC, and I thought that it wasn't given out till later.</p>

<p>For treacher/GC recs you will need their email, you place their email in your file and they go online to fill it out, you will never see it.</p>

<p>I would suggest to start the MOC essays and your AFA essays to give you plenty of time to complete them. As I stated before since it is smart to have a back-up it also makes sense to start working on the essays b/c every college will also ask for essays, and if you want to have ED, that could mean you will be writing alot of essays (in NC it was 2 essays for ea MOC0 add in 2 for the AFA, and 1 to 2 for ea college. If you apply to 4 colleges you will be looking at @ 15 essays by Oct. Add on to getting the Dodmerb done, and practicing your CFA you will have a pretty busy summer schedule</p>

<p>Don't forget to order your transcripts! Depending on your situation, you may need to order quite a few.</p>