Question about Online Application

<p>Hey guys, I'm a little confused about the online app. First, when I previewed my app on Adobe, some of the margins for the two short essays (the activity one and the why columbia one) were messed up. I'm assuming this is normal, but I'm not sure--are your margin's kinda weird too? Second, is it okay to use contractions in your essays? Thanks...</p>

<p>Contractions are fine since it's a personal statement and you don't want it to sound stiff.</p>

<p>contractions are fine, but how did you preview your application on adobe?</p>

<p>Before you officially submit Part Two, you're allowed to preview your app on adobe. When I did the margins on my first two "essays" were off, but I figured this was normal because of the strict character limits. Anybody else have the same experience?</p>

<p>Yes, I had the same issue. But I'd consider them short-answer questions, not essays.</p>

<p>Ya, hence the quotes.</p>

<p>Uhh..i called them up about this...they told me that is the PDF preview is the exact same version that they print if it doens't show on the PDF preview, it's not gonna show for them...sorry :(</p>

<p>I'm boycotting the online application because it's so poorly formatted/organized.</p>

<p>They prefer online b/c it's typed, which is much easier to read than your handwriting.</p>

<p>yeah, Columbia prefers the online one b/c its less work for them.</p>

<p>Do you think they'll care that the online app is poorly organized? If I sent the app it would be much more neat.</p>