Question About Online classes.

<p>If I got a B in a class at school and I retake that class with FLVS and get an A, will my B grade change to an A in that subject?(Assuming my school gives credit for FLVS) Thanks</p>

<p>Why would you want to do that? A B is fine. And most schools only replace a <em>failing grade</em>. It has to be the same class too, so no point in taking online or cc classes.</p>

<p>The class is Precalculus, but is it possible to replace it (it's the same course)?</p>

<p>Is this an online course given out by your school, or is it just approved by it? There is a difference.</p>

<p>You cannot get the grade replaced because</p>

<p>a) It's not a failing grade,
b)If the course is just approved by your school, it isn't the <em>same exact</em> course so you'd just be adding another grade onto your transcripts. Colleges won't like to see that you retook Precalculus just to get an A.</p>

<p>you need a D to do this.</p>

<p>This converation came up at some point in my chemistry cass and the teacher explained it</p>

<p>I'm from Florida too. Will your counselor approve you to retake pre-calc online? If so, you can do it, but you'll just have another pre-calc course on your transcript - the "B" won't disappear.</p>


<p>The problem with that is colleges will wonder why the class was retaken with a good grade. That time could've been spent doing something else.</p>