question about PENN/Jeff progm.

<p>Hey guys,
I am a junior that has a chance to get into Penn state program but thats not my question.
I swim competetivly (and for the sake of not being modest) I am good at it and would be able to make the Penn state swim team well actually they would want me to be on the team. First of all could I even be on the team if Im in the combined program. Second, would it boost my application acceptance if I would be a good addition to the team? And Third, would I still be able to get scholarships. Do I even have time to swim and should I even try to swim in college trying to pursue a Medical career. Thanks a lot guys I appreciate it. You guys rule.
And plz answer my questions.</p>

<p>Comon guys anyone know anything about this.</p>

<p>1) dunoo if you could, depends how well u manage time i guess with workload
2) it SHOULD boost your app that you are a good swimmer and have a passion for it (i'm assuming) , but i don't think they'll go knocking on your door just cuz you could make their swim team if that's what you're wondering
3) scholarships iuno, and pursue swimming if you love it!!</p>

<p>hope i helped</p>

<p>one of my father's friends went to the Penn State program, and was not given a spot in the medical school because he had a GPA .02 off what they required and would not round. I forget if he had a 3.48 and they required a 3.5 or a 3.68 and a 3.7, but that turned me away from penn state's program. good luck though, and i hope this insight can help on whether or not u will be have the time to swim.</p>

<p>Does anyone else have any ideas on this</p>