Question about Pioneer Leadership Program

Hi folks

My D has been admitted to Fall 2021 into Univ of Denver, with Chancellor scholarship. She’s probably going to do a Public Policy + Econ major with a yet to be decided minor (either to do with education or data-science).

She can now apply for the PLP & honors programs.

Question: Is the additional load of a PLP minor too much work for her current major & minor choice? Also wondering about the financial aspect of that?
Or should she apply for a suitable Honors program instead? (I understand she can apply for both)

Also looking thru the Living Learning community, if she’s accepted for a honors program, is this relevant? Its all a bit confusing!


Hi @bobrock,

My D was also admitted for Fall 2021 as a Chancellor Scholar as well. She is planning to major in Political Science and possibly minor in International Relations. She went ahead and applied for the honors program, but isn’t planning to apply for PLP. We’re having conversations about the extra time requirement for Honors…she’s really excited about it, but I’m concerned about whether it will leave any time for the “fun” side of college (skiing, going to hockey games, etc.). So I have some of the same questions you do!

My understanding is that living in the Honors dorm is optional if you’re accepted to the program. So if she’s also interested in an LLC, I would apply to both, then she may have a choice between them.

Best of luck!