Question about Practical Nursing

Hey all,
I am a 28 year old toddler mom, full time administrative assistant who have been doing office work for the past 10 years … I am ready to go back to school to complete studies.

I already finished all my general courses, so now it’s time to choose concentration.
After years of not knowing what to major in, all I have had in the back of my head is “I want to help others”, just not sure how.

I decided that in all honesty my dream would always be to start my own business one day under Wellness/Health Promotion whether it’s consulting,selling products etc.

I also just want to prepare myself and have a back up career, where I can achieve work/life balance have time for my child, and study something that is short (preferably 2 years or less) but still rewarding.

I was looking into nursing program, I never thought of becoming a nurse because I was a little worried that I didn’t have it in me to become one.

However, I do see myself working being part of a team in a health care facility, it doesn’t have to be a hospital but nursing home, rehab, physician’s office, women’s health or pediatrics where I can assist but not necessarily have to make big decisions on the patient.

With that being said, do you think Practical Nursing may be a better fit as opposed to the traditional RN route most take?

Can I do other job titles in the future, combining my experience in admin assist work with lpn in a health care setting?

I was also approved a good amount of financial aid is there any way I can still get aid if i decide to do a certificate program?

Any suggestions/advice highly appreciated.
Thank you so much in advance!

LPN’s in many areas pretty much can only get jobs in nursing homes, LTACs and maybe drs offices. Most of the LPNs I work with make just enough money to get by ok and don’t plan to get their RN anytime soon due to life circumstances. If you can only swing an LPN program then at least do as many RN prerequisites as you can so if you do decide to go back it won’t be so hard

MistySteel is spot on. Most (but not all) hospitals in the US don’t hire LPNs anymore. And, most are moving away from hiring RNs or at least require RNs to be working towards their BSN. In some states there are zero LPN programs left.

Many people think of a nursing career when they have a strong wish to be in a helping profession. But there are many, many other healthcare occupations, many which require only 1-2 years of education or training. Respiratory therapists, radiology technicians, pharmacy assistants…to name a few. These are all also in high demand. Have you investigated the allied health programs at a community college near you? That’s is where most of the preparation for these careers occurs. And, if I may, be cautious of for-profit schools. Be sure whatever program you enter has good relationships with health care facilities so you can get your clinical training and be able to sit for whatever licensing exam you will need to sit for.
Lots of opportunity for those who wish to work a bit for the education. Good luck!