Question about Primary Nomination

S has principal nomination from MOC and another competitive nomination from another MOC. Have read related posts that principal nominees must be appointed if they are “qualified” but am curious about what that means. His info:

SAT: CR - 720, MA - 800, Writing - 730
GPA: 4.13 (weighted)
Class Rank: top 10% (11 AP classes)
ECs: Varsity track and field 2 yr (few awards), Varsity badminton 2 yr, Red Cross clubs (various leadership positions), part-time job, CPR instructor
CFA: :’( pull-ups - 9, bb throw - 65 ft, shuttle - 9.1, situps - 60, push-ups - 68, run - 7:40
Medically Qualified

Can anyone tell us if these stats meet qualifications?

Good luck to anyone else competing for an appointment!

Only the Academy can say for sure, but I would think he would be 3Q and should be receiving his appointment.

Ok sounds good.

@MidwesternHeart‌ Do you know how long it will take to be qualified by the admissions team after the completion of the candidate file?

Which Academy does he have the primary appointment to? Do he apply to more than one?

@MidwesternHeart‌ S only applied West Point. He has a primary from MOC and a competitive nomination from a different MOC

USMA is actively reviewing files every day. In some cases they will issue a 3Q letter and post it to the portal, but because your son has the Principal nomination, they may forego that letter and go straight to the appointment. There are rumblings of a big 2nd wave of appointments going out within the next week. Good luck to him!

@MidwesternHeart‌ Thanks for all your help. S just received a phone call from the MOC notifying him of his appointment to USMA. Now waiting for the updated portal and the BFE!!!

Congratulations to your DS, @legjod‌ ! It’s an exciting call to get, isn’t it?