question about questbridge and ACT scores sent ontime

<p>so the application is due septemeber 30th...i am taking the ACT september 10th my scores will be online September 26th however i need this scores sent in by the 30 so im wondering if this is possible i have searched all over the ACT website but the directions are not very clear </p>

<p>my question is this possible?
what is the fastest way to get my scores to questbridge in 4 days ?</p>

<p>@abbyonch, You don't have to send official score reports to QB; you can enter your ACT scores in your app when you get them on 9/26 and then have the score reports sent directly to your colleges (just try not to wait until the very last day (9/30) to submit your app; the QB server overloaded last year and the stress was not worth it...)</p>

<p>From QB [url=<a href=""&gt;]FAQ[/url&lt;/a&gt;]&lt;/p>

<p>Q: I won’t have my standardized test scores before the College Match deadline. Can I still apply?</p>

<p>A: QuestBridge will accept any test scores that you receive prior to the National College Match application deadline of September 30. If you do not have any test scores available for the September 30 deadline (i.e. you are taking the SAT/ACT for the first time in senior year), you can still apply to QuestBridge and it is still possible to be selected as a finalist if the rest of your application is very strong.
If you expect to receive scores after September 30, please list your testing date(s) on the Testing Information page in the application, leaving the score fields blank. In order for your test scores to be considered by QuestBridge colleges for the College Match, you must take any required test(s) no later than October. Any testing done after October will be considered only in the Regular Decision process.
If you are selected as a College Match finalist, in most cases you will also need to send official score reports to the colleges that you rank.*
If you are selected as a finalist and you have new test scores you received after September 30, you should send those test scores to your ranked colleges directly from the College Board or ACT. Refer to the National College Match requirements page for instructions regarding submission of test scores to colleges.</p>

<p>what if i know my test scores (by looking online) but i am not able to fax since they take a while to be sent to the high school should i indicate on my application my scores or should i just leave it blank ?</p>

<p>If you know your scores, of course fill it in. I'm not sure why you mention faxing, as YOU don't send them to your colleges, ACT sends them directly to the colleges. Once you're a finalist and rank your schools, then you have your ACT score report sent to your colleges. I believe the deadline is November something.</p>

<p>i meant faxing to questbridge ...</p>