Question about Race on the Common App

<p>So I wanted to know whether I should check Asian or Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander, if my parents are from Taiwan.</p>

<p>Also, I know one of my ancestors was Native American, but I am barely American Indian myself. I also wouldn't be able to describe what American Indian background I'm from. So should I not check American Indian off?</p>

<p>i think it's safer to check asian because most taiwanese are of chinese descent. there was a mass immigration into taiwan from china in the mid 1900s. but i would also like some clarification</p>

<p>well, exactly i don't even know if i am of chinese descent or original taiwanese. isn't this how i would identify myself tho? so can't it be a little subjective?</p>

<p>Taiwanese people are not considered to be pacific islanders/native hawaiian</p>

<p>why not? taiwan is a pacific island, and it's not neccesarily asian, and definetley isn't part of china if thats why you think its more asian than pacific</p>

<p>Regardless of the reason, LAXer25 is correct.</p>

<p>Taiwan still has a bond to China, rite? so,,, Asian.</p>

<p>Its kind of weird (to me at least) but it has something to do with the US not fully recognizing Taiwan as an independent country from China</p>

<p>But anyways, you'd be considered Asian</p>