Question about registering for SAT I

<p>So im at college board right now. They are asking me if I want the student answer service. Which gives you the difficulty of each question, the ones you miss, got correct, or skipped. for 10 dollars. Is it worth it? or do most people just don't buy it.</p>

<p>for the part when it says "send my scores to" and it lists up to 8 recepients. I send one to my self and what about the other 3 "included ones. HURRY i need help registering. Gracias</p>

<p>^ I send it to my high schooL? to whom else also?</p>

<p>^ college? I don't get it :/</p>

<p>Help please :/</p>

<p>I need to register fast. Any help would be appreciated.</p>

<p>Collegeboard has a whole book with tests and answers in it, which I think is a better deal than requesting your test.
I never requested that anyway.</p>

<p>The 8 spots are for colleges you want to apply to. The first 4 are free, the rest you have to pay for. If you're not sure where you're applying, don't fill that part out. I believe if you put your highschool down, they send them the scores automatically.. They also send you the scores in the mail, along with online.</p>

<p>SOad I thought I send the SAT scores to Colleges when I apply for colleges when I'm a senior. I'm a junior. So whenever I take the SAT it will send the scores to the colleges?</p>

<p>If I plan to apply to 5 or 6 UC's when I'm a senior, is it ok if I just send my scores to 4 schools(the four I most want to attend)?</p>

<p>you can send your current scores now even though you're a junior if you want... but you can also wait until you're a senior and it will send all your previous scores at the same time. you only send the scores to colleges... they always send you a "free" copy.
I'f you're applying to a school they will probably need your scores. unless you're sending ACT scores or something instead.</p>

<p>So if I send my scores now, they will see it when I apply to UC when I'm a senior? or I could just choose not to send and send all of them at once when I'm a senior applying to UCs.</p>

<p>Sending your scores simply shows that you have some interest in whatever school you send them to. </p>

<p>Send them if you want. It won't affect admissions, it doesn't matter that you're a junior,</p>

<p>You're stressing over this way too much.</p>