Question about Registration....

<p>I have not gone to NSO yet (Monday, June 28th is my date), however my UD-SIS login is showing that I am already signed up for two courses (total of 4 credits). Is this because they are major specific so it's necessary for me to be enrolled?</p>

<p>Math Major</p>

<p>Two courses are: CISC106 and MATH268</p>

<p>Math 268 is the FYE class that all freshman are required to take. It's a 1 credit course assigned based on your major (therefore you have the math one). CISC106 is a computer science class, which I'm guessing is also a requirement for math. </p>

<p>My son started out as a Math/Economics major so he had the Math 268 as well. He had AP credit for the CISC, so didn't take that class. He has since switched to BS in Eco in the business school so is no longer in the math dept.</p>

<p>Okay, thank you. I also took AP CompSci so i should get out of it. Thanks again.</p>