Question about Restrictive Early Action

<p>Hey, so I noticed that the REA pool is apparently more competitive than its RD as compared to other schools’. I’m really concerned about the amount of aid I’ll be getting, and I want to find out from all the schools ASAP so I’m hoping to apply early to a lot of schools. Every other school that I can apply early to is standard EA which is fine to have in addition to Boston College’s REA, BUT I recently decided that I want to apply ED to University of Richmond since it will qualify me for more scholarship opportunities and probably let me get in comfortably. I already submitted my app for Boston College REA and I know I can ask them to change it to RD, and Richmond’s ED app isn’t due until the 15th.</p>

<p>Question: Can I apply ED to Richmond and keep my REA at Boston College (even though they ask you not to) without one of the schools getting ticked/ canceling my app? </p>

<p>I get that Richmond is ED and I’d be bound, but since I’m looking for a lot of aid I would be able to opt out and decline if I wasn’t given what I’m looking for.</p>

<p>Let me suggest that you not apply to BC at all. One of the tenets of the College is ethics and the fact that you are seeking permission to lie to achieve your goals indicates that BC is probably not the best place for you.</p>

<p>as an fyi, to be successful for Richmond Scholars, one needs Ivy-level stats.</p>

<p>btw: BC is not known for being generous with finaid. And I would strongly counsel against applying to BC EA with a <28 ACT score.</p>

<p>Thanks for the bump, i guess. You probably researched my stats, which was considerate of you so that you could use the info to help me, but what you don't know is my most recent ACT score. I took the october 22nd test and felt VERY good about it, and am expecting well above a 28 which I believe puts me in contention for many of my reach/match schools. </p>

<p>I'm not only applying to Richmond for the Richmond Scholars possibility, though I expect my other characteristics (hopefully my ACT score as well which I will find out on the 8th) to make me eligible for whatever the school has to offer. I would assume that a school would give out more aid in the beginning (ED) than in RD since they would be limited down the line, though I have no info to back this up. </p>

<p>As for the ethics part of your argument, I find that this wouldn't qualify as being a dishonest person, just a person that wants to keep his options open. Dishonest is lying about achievements on apps (which a friend of mine is doing), and although REA states that you shouldn't apply ED to other schools, they should have means of telling to get their point across. If they could tell, I would apply RD to BC and ED to Richmond as I find Richmond would be a better fit and I'd have a decent chance to make the soccer team. My "goals" are to hear back as soon as possible, not to "cheat the system." </p>

<p>BC is known to give 100% (Collegeboard) need-based aid met, and a person in my situation is certainly in need.</p>

I would assume that a school would give out more aid in the beginning (ED) than in RD since they would be limited down the line, though I have no info to back this up.


<p>Poor assumption (and logic). If you apply ED, you are locked into whatever they offer. You have no negotiating leverage. You should not apply ED if you need to compare financial aid offers. IMO, the only safe bets for the financially-needy ED are Ivy-level schools which are extremely generous with financial aid. </p>

<p>Sure, BC meets 100% of need -- as THEY define it. More generous schools define it differently. However, more generous schools are all more highly ranked (and require a 31+ for serious consideration.)</p>

<p>btw: do you really think that your (selfish) "goal" is worth breaking rules? When you electronically "sign" the Common App and send to BC you are also declaring ("signing") that you have not applied ED anywhere else. Is your 'word' worth that deceit? Since you attend a Catholic school why not ask locally about your ethical dilemma?</p>


<p>I had the same reaction as Bluebayou about your disregard for the REA policy. Then, your attempts to justify it are mind boggling.</p>

<p>I have a couple of friends who have worked in the admissions offices in top schools in recent years. They tell me that colleges monitor this CollegeConfidential site to various lengths. Some closely, others more casually.</p>

<p>[ul]You've already made it clear with your early October replies that you understand the REA restrictions.[/ul]<br>
[ul]You've stated your disregard and intent to violate REA.[/ul]
[ul]You've identified which schools are involved.[/ul]
[ul]To add to it, you've even left a paper trail of advising others on this forum that they can "say anything they want" in their college app on a given EC involvement.[/ul]</p>

<p>There aren't too many high school senior soccer players, born on April 3,1994, who attend a private Catholic high school in Southern California, and are applying early to both Richmond and BC. [Have you considered a future in advertising?]</p>

<p>Someone once told me if you get caught violating ED/REA policies, that the schools will "put your name on a shared blacklist", hurting your chances wherever you apply. I don't know how true that might be, but I'm sure you'll be in a position to let us know.</p>

<p>Schools take their REA/ED policies seriously. I can't think of any faster way to trash an application than a disregard for ethics (and even worse, trying to justify it).</p>

<p>I think this has blown way out of proportion... I ask a simple question and after hearing all these replies it's obvious I have no other choice. I was wondering if it was possible/ not a big deal since I'm looking for substantial aid from the ED school and if it's not found I will be able to disregard it (talked to my counselor today who agreed). I'm sorry for whatever stress I've caused you all, and my purpose for creating this thread was to get the thoughts of other individuals and I certainly was able to do so.</p>

<p>If it makes any difference to any of you, I switched my REA to RD days ago and was just wondering if I should switch back without it being a big problem. I switched with the hopes of applying ED somewhere, and wondered if it's a big deal changing RD back to REA as I had previously had. This has served as confirmation that I couldn't/shouldn't so in all reality these "ethics" arguments are based on a theoretical happening, not actuality...</p>

<p>K so the last thing I wanted to do was stir something up. Thanks for all your replies and concerns as it's helped me see that you SHOULD NOT apply REA and ED, I was unaware of the severity and I thank you all for tell me.</p>

<p>Just so everybody knows, I am keeping the RD status for Boston College.</p>

<p>Dear SoCalStudent3 : As some of the replies have indicated, there is a general life lesson in this ED/REA debate - when you need to ask questions along the lines of "is this allowed?", it generally isn't. </p>

<p>Realistically, this entire topic is about the "ethics" of the situation. </p>

<p>"Ethics are not what you show when everyone is watching. Ethics are what you demonstrate when no one is watching."</p>

<p>Your conclusion to apply regular decision is the right and ethical decision.</p>