question about sat 2 lit

<p>i am signed up to take the sat 2 lit exam in may. my concern is that i have heard how difficult of an exam it is. a senior i know who the took the exam and got a 800 on the verbel sat told me he didn't break 700 on sat 2 lit. i've only been able to ask some people about the exam though. i have my terminology memorized for the exam and am a good reader, but i'm only barely scoring into the 600s on my practice tests. </p>

<p>is the exam traditionally known to be this hard?
are my practice tests an inflated indicator as to how i'll do?</p>

<p>either way, i plan on registering for it in june just in case i have to retake it (yes, i realize the late deadline is today). does anyone have any advice how i can boost my score if i have to retake it? </p>

<p>thank you.</p>