Question about SAT 2s in general...

<p>Hi! I have a question about the SAT IIs. I live in Canada and our school starts Biology, Chemistry, World History, etc, in Gr. 11 and they are two year programs....But I am probably going to apply EA to a US university. In EA, do they require all the 3 SAT IIs before Nov.1 ? Because by the end of Gr.11, we would only be half way through the course...what do you think i should do? Take the test even though i haven't finished the course?</p>


<p>From my observations, the colleges really prefer that you have the three SAT IIs, despite the "early" action. Otherwise, your application is incomplete.</p>

<p>Thx..bec i live in canada, we start bio/chem/physics/ss/etc in Gr.11 and they are 2 year program...I dunno when is the best time to take them...any suggestions? thX!</p>