Question about SAT Subject Tests for a potential Engineering Major

I know Math IIC is pretty much required for engineering majors (I’m taking it next year, after I finish Pre-Calc summer school, because my school messed my schedule up big time). However, is the Physics test also necessary? I took Bio before (got a 620, not that good of a score), but I haven’t taken a Physics class in school yet (FYI, I am taking AP Physics B at my school if nothing goes wrong). Is my Bio score OK if I do good on Math IIC? Or should I either take Physics through self-studying, or take Chem (I’m taking regular Chem right now, but I’m more confident in it compared to Bio) to increase my chances for a prestigious engineering major (hopefully Cal or LA)? Thanks!</p>

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<p>You might want to look at the average SAT scores for all of them. Regardless of whether you do well on the SAT II Math IIC, UCs look at 2 SAT II scores, so an 800 on the SAT II Math, while impressive, will be significantly dragged down if you decide to not take another SAT II in hopes of doing better than a 620. If you can do well in Physics or Chem, by all means you should go for it. It's a very impressive achievement to do well on those tests, and you should definitely aim for a higher score. Remember, for places like Cal and LA, you have to meet the minimum to get into the school FIRST before they consider you for engineering, which means the numbers alone are what they consider.</p>

<p>Then would my other SAT Subject test scores help me? I know they have nothing to do with math and science, but I got an 800 on the Chinese test (because I'm a native speaker) and a 700 on the World History test (took it right after AP World). Will this help me at all? Or should I just start cramming for Math IIC and Chem/Physics?</p>

<p>Lastly, will taking Physics instead of Chem be more beneficial if I apply to something like Electrical or Computer Engineering? Thanks!</p>

<p>just try to get 700+ on everything you take. and physics or chem shouldnt make a difference in my opinion, just take what you will score better on.</p>

<p>800 in SAT II Chinese will definitely help you (is it really that easy for native speakers? OO;;) since it's just a number and that's what the school cares about, but for the engineering school, you might want a strong science in the event that they care about that a lot, although it might vary. My math SAT I and II are both below the average (by 40 and 6 pts respectively) but I still got into HSSEAS at LA.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice! BTW, Chinese was really easy for me (and a lot of native speakers), due to the fact that I spent 5 years in Taiwan (hardcore! lol). I guess I'll just start studying for Math IIC and Chem.</p>