Question about SAT Subject Tests


<p>I am currently a high school senior applying for UCLA as a Computer Science major and I have important questions to ask...</p>

<p>I took the Chemistry Subject Test and I think I failed it horribly. I am predicting a 200 on the exam. How much of a negative impact will this have on my application? Will I definitely get rejected because of this score? Should I even send the score in? (The only other exam I took was Math IIC.) And will this Chemistry score even be relevant to getting accepted as a Computer Science major, since there is no relation between these two subjects?</p>

<p>Also I wanted to know what you guys would suggest...
1) Send only the Math IIC score in (predicting a 750+)
2) Send both
3) Send neither</p>

<p>Thanks in advance</p>

<p>Hey I failed Chem too, I left like more than 10 unanswered cuz I didn't have enough time.
I guess I got like 600ish for math haha I failed math too.
I mean if they are like 650up then I think you should send.
Sounds like you are a math genius. definitely send the math one</p>

<p>200 is the lowest score you can get. If you answer every question wrong, it's still possible to score higher than 200.</p>

<p>Do you have time to decide whether to send it after you get your score? If so, as chain suggested, send if it's above 650 for Chemistry (and above 700 for Math). Scoring well will help your case, regardless of subject.</p>

<p>The only SAT test you have to send in the score before you actually see the result is the December test. Wait until you see your scores and then send in what you feel is a good score and don't send in the rest.</p>

<p>Thanks guys</p>

<p>So if I failed the Chem the exam then don't send it? Will the people reviewing the applications care if I only send 1 Subject Test score? My counselor told me that some majors require 2, but I don't know that information is correct. Thanks again.</p>

<p>Majors in the engineering school recommend 2 tests. A science and math 2. If you're not applying to the engineering school then not sending 2 scores doesn't matter in the slightest. Don't send anything you don't want to if it's not specifically recommended.</p>

<p>I'm applying as a Computer Science major which I believe is categorized under "Engineering." So I'm in a predicament right now. If 2 Subject Tests are recommended, would it still be better to only send my Math IIC score?</p>

<p>It honestly depends on how you did on your chemistry test. Anything lower than a 600, I would personally never send. That's me personally. It's your call at that level because there's no right answer - sorry to say but any choice you'd pick would put you in a tough spot as an engineering applicant with a recommended subject test under 600. Anything above a 600, go ahead and just send it. Your math score you predicted above 750 should give them a little bit of leniency.</p>

<p>^I would probably go by this rule.. anything below a 600 probably wouldn't add to your application (I don't know that it would affect you negatively) so it's not worth sending. You won't 'definitely' get rejected because of it though. If your stats are otherwise strong then you might still have a shot at engineering.</p>

<p>Ok, thanks for all the help!</p>