Question about SAT testing ticket for young tester

Over several (frustrating) phone calls, I have finally just registered my 12-year old DC for the Dec 5th SAT testing. I had to register her over the phone since she is under 13 years old, and she need to take the test for a program that she wants to apply to.

I was told over the phone that she will receive an email with the testing ticket / admissions test a few days before the actual test date. Is that correct? Does anyone has experience with young testers can confirm this is true?

I could not “print” a testing ticket right now because she cannot have a web login due to privacy laws (hence the reason to register her over the phone).

I’m asking here because it took me several calls to get this done, while repeating myself over and over during each call. It was very frustrating and stressful, and I want to make sure that what they described is correct. I don’t want to be scrambling last minute and/or can’t take the test because we were told the wrong info about how to obtain the testing admission ticket.


Been through this. It is a pain, and your experience sounds extremely familiar (sigh…). The paper/mail registration is a pain until they hit 13. You will receive an email with a ticket that you need to print out. If you do not get an email ticket about a week before the test date - call them again, have them look at your child’s file, and confirm that an email ticket is coming forthwith. Do the same two days before the test, and the day before, if you need to (hopefully this will not be necessary). You will, as a parent, have to call (use their line that’s reserved for gifted/talented; the wait is shorter).

When you get the ticket, make sure that the name is spelled correctly. Your kid will still need some sort of ID that matches what they have registered your kid as. It is possible that they will not register your kid’s name correctly. Ensure that the name on the ticket is correct. If not, get it fixed before printing. Have a few forms of ID with your kid, just in case (passport, ID card, schoool ID card with photo on it). While your kid will not require a photo of themselves on the ticket they present - a photo ID presented when showing your ticket makes things smoother. Hope this helps!

Agree with the above, based on my D taking it before 13. We registered her by mail, which was seamless, and received email confirmation of registration and instructions well in advance. The email with admission ticket came a week ahead of time, iirc.

The other difference will be getting the score. On the date scores are released, just call the number provided and say “I’m calling to get the score for a student who is under 13”. It only took about 3 minutes, though the was pre-pandemic.