Question about SATII's

<p>I registered for the SATII's for october and november. The reason I signed up for both was so that if I didn't do well in october, I can retake in november. However, I got my October scores today and I got 800m, 750phys, 740writing. If I want to take just physics over, am I allowed to do that even though I signed up for all 3? when I took my october test, they said that if you leave one blank it means you want to cancel the scores for that test, which would nullify all the other tests that day. Will I have to retake the other 2 then? Help will be greatly appreciated :)</p>

<p>I think that if you leave after one test, it doesn't count as leaving it blank..they have that policy because they're afraid you're going to spend two hours on one test.
But, it's best to call them just in case.</p>

<p>You're fine. You can change the subjects you want to take on test day. For example, I signed up for Math 2c and French for the October date and ended up taking only Math 1c! They're talking about filling out the heading on test day and acting as if you're going to take the test and then sit for the whole test hour doing nothing (or erasing all your answers). HTH</p>

<p>I had to do 2 tests b/c I couldn't cancel one....just do some different tests....maybe lit. or something you don't have to study for...</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure you can just leave after you take the test you want. No refund for the others, though. Ask a guidance/college counselor or call them...</p>