Question about SCEA and the November SAT

<p>Hey guys, I just had something I was wondering about. According to the admissions website, you can still send in results of the November SAT to be considered for Early Action (I have a conflict with the October SAT and cannot attend). However, I've already taken the SAT before, and I was wondering how the admissions committee would know that I'm sending in additional testing when the deadline for SCEA is Nov 1.</p>

<p>Also, on a somewhat related note, the aforementioned SAT from March was 800 M, 780 CR, and 690 W, I'm assuming it's worth the retake to boost that Writing (hopefully)?</p>

<p>The Yale website says "no later than November". Now if that includes November testing, I am not sure. But I guess you can let Yale know in the additional information section. </p>

<p>I personally don't think that score is worth a retake.</p>

<p>I would retake. And yes, Nov is fine.</p>

<p>Just use the quick send or whatever (I think it exists...)</p>