Question about scholarships

I was accepted into IIT and offered a merit scholarship. I was wondering if the Camras Scholarship notification for scholarship weekend is separate to the admissions email. If I did not receive the Camras notification does that mean I am not invited to scholarship weekend?

It’s been a few years, but my daughter received an admission letter with an initial scholarship notification and a separate letter notifying her that she was a Camras finalist. I don’t remember how or when the two letters were received. It looked to me like the Camras letter may have come in the admissions packet she received in the mail.

Ok thank you very much

Did anyone get a Camras notification yet?

Hello, we got acceptance email for CS with Heald Scholarship for $22,500. We did not get any email invitation for Camras Scholarship. Can you apply for Camras on top of Heald Scholarship. Thanks.

The Camras invitations went out separately at the beginning of December.