Question about scholorships

<p>Hello there, so i have a college scholarship question on my mind:
Lets say that i have win 2 full ride scholarship, do i get to keep both?</p>

<p>Also lets say that i get one full ride, then i win other scholarship, do i get o keep these ones?</p>

<p>Not usually. In the vast majority of cases, college scholarships are awarded up TO the cost of attendance. If you already have ALL of your costs covered, the second award would likely not be given to you.</p>

<p>College scholarships are to pay for college. </p>

<p>But check, as some schools do give a ‘refund’ of overpayment of scholarship money. I’ve read stories of people getting checks in excess of the COA.</p>

<p>Some scholarships can only be used for tuition. Not books, fees, room/board, just tuition. Others can be applied as needed. do remember that any amounts over QEE are taxable.</p>

<p>What twoin means…if you get a second full ride, and get it refunded to you, you will be payi income taxes on the FULL amount of the second full ride, PLUS any amount from the first that is in excess of tuition, fees, books. </p>

<p>In other words, this wouldbe taxable income.</p>

<p>Are you talking about outside scholarships? Or school based? School based awards will NOT exceed the cost of attendance unless you are eligible for the Pell Grant in addition to your full scholarship. The Pell money would be refunded to you. It’s an entitlement in our experience with outside scholarships, our kids were asked to list other awards they had already received. </p>

<p>Oh…and if you are talking about two full rides to tow DIFFERENT colleges…no…you can only keep the one for the school where you actually GO to college.</p>

<p>Full rides are not all that plentiful or easy to obtain. What awards are you anticipating getting TWO of…or is this just a question?</p>

<p>So what is I win one full tuition scholarship, then can i get any other outside scholarship(such as from cola and etc.</p>

<p>Not likely. Start with the Financial Aid 101 thread at the top of the forum and learn the basics first. What you are imagining is pretty unrealistic.</p>