question about school transcipt?

<p>i'm an international student who's going to school outside the U.S.
i was just checking out the Dartmouth Application Forms section, and i noticed that in the Secondary School Report form, there's no place to write in the transcript. it just says to write the courses i take for 12th year and my cumulative GPA.
does this mean that i have to attach my transcript form on a separate piece of paper, or don't i have to send it at all?</p>

<p>thank you in advance!</p>

<p>In the USA colleges want the applicant's school to send the transcript direct to the college. Can't imagine why it would be different because you are applying from outside the USA. So have your school send the transcript direct to the USA college.</p>

<p>Your high school transcritp should come from who ever is in charge of student record keeping at your school. It should be an official document sent from your school and by sent by the person from your school responsible for writing up your Guidance Counselor evaluation/recommendation.</p>