Question About Sending IGETC Certification

<p>Hey ya'll, </p>

<p>I had a quick question about sending in my IGETC certification.</p>

<p>If I attended 2 community colleges, do I have to send my transcipts from the 1st college to the 2nd college in order to affirm my IGETC certification? </p>

<p>I checked IGETC certification on my transcipt request but I'm worried something might have been wrong, and my CC doesn't seem like they'd call (its been like 4 weeks since i Req'ed it.</p>

<p>Can I call UC_ _ (SD) on it?</p>

<p>On the back of my IGETC sheet from my CC it says: "Certification is done by the last community college attended".</p>

<p>The IGETC certification should be sent by your school in the same envelope or at the same time to the school your transfering to. My school sent me a copy of my IGETC certification, so maybe you should call your CC and check if they sent them. Also, you might want to call your UC to see if they recieved your transcripts yet. 4 weeks is a long time. </p>

<p>However, I sent mine 2 weeks ago and my school still hasn't confirmed that they recieved them. Good luck!</p>

<p>yeah its been bout 1-2 weeks since my community college sent the transcripts and its not showing up on myucr</p>