Question about Similarity

<p>How similar is the test in the "Preparing for the ACT" packet on the ACT website to the real thing?</p>

<p>Still need an answer</p>

<p>last year i took the practice test from the booklet and got a 28, then took the real test and got a 31.</p>

<p>if that helps at all.....</p>

<p>I took the practice test and made a 36 on the science. I made a 30 on the real science section because it was notably more difficult. However, the English, math, and reading sections were comparable enough to the real thing.</p>

<p>My practice scores:
English: 33
Math: 32
Reading: 36
Science: 36
Composite: 34</p>

<p>My real scores:
English: 35
Math: 33
Reading: 33
Science: 30
Composite: 33
Writing: 33</p>