Question about South Asian R5A

<p>I'm signed up for lecture 2 this fall with someone named Bosch or something and I was wondering which of the three required books we read first in this class? Also how is the class?</p>


<p>Really? Nobody's taken this class. Darn I'd really like to know what the first book is we read out of the the three and also how is this class. Thanks for reading this thread even if you haven't taken it.</p>

<p>I've taken the class but the books required are different between professors/GSIs. I thought it was easy, just read and write essays. For me, all we read were Indian religious tales.</p>

<p>^thank you! Yeah my book are recognition of Shakuntala, Shattered Thighs/Nagas were pleased, and then Messenger poems. I was wondering which of those three we read first. Thanks for the response though!</p>