Question about Stafford loans and timing

<p>My son qualifies for $5500 in unsub Stafford loans. I applied for a PLUS loan in June and was denied, but then all the rules changed. So, I have reapplied through his school and expect to be denied again and he has to turn in a request to increase his Stafford by $4,000. My question is, will he get the correct disbursement in time for the Fall quarter? I am worried that he will not get his money in time. We are going to cover the gap in money he will have, but we cannot afford to cover an additional $1300 if they do not increase his Stafford in time.</p>

<p>Does his school offer some kind of payment plan? He could always enroll in that incase he can't get all the money in time. If you can manage at least a little bit of the cost for the first payment then that gives you a little breathing room while waiting for the financial aid to come in.</p>