Question About Submitting ACT Score

Question for everyone: I’m a white male from the East Coast. 3.8 UW GPA, with good strength of schedule and pretty good extracurriculars, particularly internships. I have a 32 on the ACT. With USC’s optional policy re ACT submissions, would you submit that score this year? They haven’t accepted anyone from my high school in the last 3 years that had less than a 34. Thanks for any advice!

Retake ACT if possible after doing some practice. If you don’t think that a retake will improve your score, then it is a coin toss as to whether to apply without scores. In that case, toss a coin but also start getting excited about other schools.

An ACT of 32 is below the median of those admitted to the Class of 2023 (mid 50% range 32-35; haven’t seen class of 2024 admitted or matriculated test score data yet), so in the absence of any hooks, you should probably apply test optional.

Good luck.