Question about submitting applications

<p>Should your transcript, teacher/counselor recs, and test scores be sent to colleges around the same time? I'm ready to submit a few of my applications and have already sent test scores but school doesn't open for another month, so I can't send the transcript & recs until much later. Is it okay to submit your application in auguat and send transcript/recs much later?</p>

<p>Yes that's absolutely fine. Colleges start files for students so they'll open your file but won't expect everything until the deadline.</p>

<p>It's also fine if the opposite happens---i.e., your transcript, references, and/or test scores show up before you've officially applied. Colleges maintain an alphabetized file for all materials that appear before an official folder has been opened. Once your application (and fee) are received, admission office staff members will search this general file for everything that might have your name on it.</p>

<p>This is yet another reason why it's critically important that the same name is used consistently on all application materials. Your teachers may only know you as "Skipper" or "Buffy," but, if your official application or College Board records say "Stanwick" or "Bettina," then you better make sure that that's the name on your teacher references, too.</p>